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6 Love by Rohan da Great climbs to #5 on iTunes Reggae Chart!

My ep 6 Love was released to day and climbed to #5 on the iTunes charts within hours! I'm so excited. We can make it to #1. I just need your help. Listen, purchase and share!

6 Love by Rohan da Great

After releasing 3 successful dancehall singles (Summertime, One More and Crazy), rising star Rohan da Great is gearing up to releasee his well anticipated Dancehall EP entitled 6 Love. The EP (Which includes One More and Crazy) is a 6 song masterpiece! Rohan definitely shines on this one and puts on for his Jamaican roots. The title itself is an homage to a popular Jamaican pastime, Dominos. Not only is the title a “play on words” it’s also an ode to the 6 songs which deal with love and tell a story in a musical non linear fashion. With the wave of artists that are filtering towards dancehall music in the mainstream light, it's great to have Rohan's authenticity and vivid imagery shine through in this tightly knit project.

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