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Rohan da Great performs "Tell Me Why" a dedication to his late friend, City.

Rohan da Great just released a performance video of "Tell Me Why" a dedication to his late friend Christopher McKinnon aka "City" who passed away from gun violence last year. Rohan states 'I had to make this track for him. Without City there is no Rohan da Great!!! He was one of the first to really push and believe in my talent. He was super talented all as well. He had an amazing voice. We were supposed to be superstars together. The whole concept of creating a label started in my room, while recording our first song. While I know he's always here with me in spirit.... it 's hurts me to know that he's not here in the physical to show the world his talent and live up to his potential. He's not here, but I am I'll make sure the world knows his name.'

Rohan plans to release 'Tell Me Why" as an official release giving all the profits to City's family and gun violence awareness initiatives.


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