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Rap, Love, Reality... Life. Coming Soon!

Coming of the success of previous singles "Rule The World" "Say Goodbye" and "SMYK" the Billboard featured collab with Dani Deahl., I'm prepping for the release of my Debut EP "The ReaL" This debut project features songs that tells unfiltered accounts of real events that took place in the recent years of my life. While recording the album I realized that the songs that I was crafting were a lot deeper than the average songs on the radio. I felt the realness of the material should be highlighted. As a result my team and I decided to release a related 3 Part Documentary Series entitled The Real: Rap, Love, Reality.. LIFE. showing the recording of the anticipated debut project while giving the raw and uncut stories, concepts and ideologies behind each song. Iwill also be is also giving a behind the scenes look into the life the of an underground recording artists by showcasing the unseen reality that most of us artist endure while trying to break into the industry. Check out this quick preview Full episodes coming soon!

Clips Shot and Edited by Cris Lopez & Rohan Hylton

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