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Rohan da Great enters NFT world with custom Timepiece Apes Society 2.0 VIP collection music NFT

I'm very excited to announce the release of my 1st NFT. I partnered with Timepiece Apes Society to release a custom 1 of 1 music NFT for their TAS 2.0 VIP collection. While TAS 2.0 has thousands of ape's, I'm only the 4th person to be selected for the VIP collection, which includes Styles P, Collie Buddz and Neco Williams.

I'm super honored to be apart of the VIP collection and the 1st EVER in the entire collection to have music attached to their NFT! The NFT features my hit single Addicted . The artwork is amazing andrepresents my likeness and also pays homage to Jamaica!! Check out the music NFT below.


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