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Rohan da Great pays tribute to late Grandfather with Arnold Davis Scholarship Fund!

My Non Profit "Be Great and Inspire Inc" is raising money for our latest initiative, the Arnold Davis Scholarship Program (a tribute to my late grandfather Arnold Davis.)

Arnold Davis was a very proud and respectable man. He took pride in the way he carried himself, the way he dressed, spoke and his heritage. He also found joy in helping others.

My Grandfather was born during the Hurricane of 1933 in Little London Jamaica. He was well respected in the community and was even mentioned in a book entitled "Little London and Me" which spoke about the community of Little London and the people of the town. He and his family were mentioned throughout the book with great revere. I always felt proud of that and I was always connected to him and Little London. I had some of the best times there as a child.

When my grandfather heard of the charitable work we were doing he looked at me and said "Little London is next!". I agreed it was overdue and began thinking how I could best help the area. That was one of the last conversations I had with my him. I made a promise that I would do more in Little London and there is no way I'd ever break that promise.

My Goal is to provide scholarships to students of Little London, Westmoreland JA. We plan on raising funds through a series of Fundraising initiatives, Weekly Raffles and donations. It would mean a lot to me personally if you could assist with this program.

We are accepting all donations.


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