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#100SHIRTS4ONEMORE Help Rohan da Great make the best video ever!!!

I’ve recently found the videographers to shoot the anticipated video for my single “One More”! Its been hard finding the right people to do it, but I have. Their quality is great but as you know you pay for quality, so the video is esxpensive. As you guys know investing in myself is nothing new and I’m ready to do as much as I can, but given the price range I will need your help. I'm not going to create a go fund me and ask for money. I'd rather provide something my fans need and get there as a team. I have great Rohan da Great Merch and after crunching the numbers I realized that selling a 100 shirts we will help me lock in the video. I need everyone’s help with this. A lot of you have been asking how to support. Here is an opportunity. Thanks in advance!

Click Below to view shirts and purchase.

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