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Rohan da Great offers 1 free month of Spotify & Apple Music to fans.

S/O to my fans!!! I’ve been seeing an increase in streams on Apple Music and Spotify. The #'s are looking great. I love the support and want to show my appreciation.

I’ve decided to give away a FREE month subscription to some of my listeners. Apple Music & Spotify are great platforms for listening to music, but I know not everyone can afford a premium subscription. Sometimes that $10 is needed for something else. Figured this would be a good way to give back.

In order to qualify user must be already following me on Social Media platforms Instagram Facebook & Twitter

*Spotify Users must be following me on Spotify as well. Click here to Follow.

Enter by sharing sharing any of the song links below on your page, tagging friends who may like them.

Rohan da Great - One More Apple Music Spotify

Rohan da Great - Hit Apple Music Spotify

1 winner per platform will be selected from each region. Giveaway winners will be announced on June 15h and will receive their free month subscription via email. Thanks for the Support and good luck!!!

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