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Happy Birthday to my Father and Hero, Curry Don!!

Happy Birthday to my father, Curry Don! You are my biggest inspiration and the reason I’m doing this music thing. As a young child you taught me many lessons. I often didn’t understand what you were trying to teach at the time but as I became a man I began to see and understand the reasoning behind the methods and advice you gave. I looked up to you for as long as I can remember.

I think back and remember seeing records with your name on them in the house and being super proud knowing my “daddy” made actual “Records”. I used to listen to your songs: “Big Up Every Don” “Santa Ah Come” and I would even sneak and play songs like “must haffi Come” in the living room on our radio/record player (young kids have no idea what that is lol). I also remembered the love you received when we walked the streets of Brooklyn. Everyone we would pass would stop us and show you respect, I frequently heard “You know your daddy is a Bad Bad DJ right?” I definitely knew. At night I would pretend I was you while performing your songs in my Bed because I was scared to go to sleep (That house was haunted I promise lol). I memorized Big up Every Don and would recite it as often as possible. I would try my best to implement the techniques you would teach me about mic position, breath control, riding the riddim and stage presence. I embraced the name Ratty Don as homage to the great Curry Don, I was in awe of your talent and I wasn’t the only one.

I remember going to different places and watching people go crazy whenever you touched the mic, but the most special part for me was when you would say “Where’s Ratty?…Ratty Don come here ..Don’t be shy..come chat a lyrics.” We would then run into our “Father & Son” collaboration routine and the crowd would love it. Not only did that give me a great sense of Joy, it taught me about self confidence, determination and provided me with me first hero. Yes you were and still are my HERO. You are the reason I do this I would be nothing as an Artist without you. You tell me that you are proud of the moves that I have been making as an artist but it is you who deserves ALL the props. With that being said Happy Birthday to my Hero and father Curry Don!!

Watch the video to discover the Artist that inspired me.. at 1:27 he dedicated the show to me..Too Dope.


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