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My Debut Album "The Real" is available for Pre-Order

Great News! A lot of you have been asking for a Rohan Da Great Album and I'm proud to say that we are currently mixing my debut the EP "The Real" and the project is now available for pre-order.  As you know we are totally independent and self-funded and we have to constantly find new ways to secure funds in an ever changing music industry. I figured out a dope way to secure extra funds and show my appreciation by giving my day 1 supporters something exclusive.


The Pre-ordered version of “The Real” will be a limited edition autographed version of the project, (only available to those who purchase the Pre-Order.) When you purchase this limited edition copy of the album you will be personally thanked on the closing track of the project which will be on all versions of the EP which will be released June 24th. 


As an additional courtesy, you will also receive access to an exclusive folder that will have free versions of my previously released singles and upcoming singles "Money Maker" & "Summer Time", as well as exclusive music, videos and pictures. In addition the folder will also contain access to a Stream of my Documentary, “The Real: Rap, Life, Reality..Love” which tells the story behind the songs on the album and gives a behind the scenes look into the mixing and creative aspect of the project.  It also makes you a candidate to win our upcoming giveaway.  I can't say too much about the giveaway at this moment but in the upcoming weeks you will definitely see. You have been a constant supporter of the Roan Da Great brand and was hopping I could have your support on this as well!

Thanks in advance!!



The Hit song "Stop Now" 
Remastered version of "Only One" 

New Remixes of "Rule The World" & "Say Goodbye"

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