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Check out the: "Be Great." Artistic Leadership Program!!!

I'm so Excited!!

Today I will be officially launching the "Be Great." Artistic Leadership Program. I've been working on this for a while and I'm happy to see if finally come to fruition.

Growing up my mother always stressed the importance and power of Education. My Father & Uncle while in support of knowledge also showed me the power of Music. Due to their influence, both Education & Music have been huge parts of my upbringing and life. I have been successful in life and this success... I believe is due to their nourishment in Education & Music. I'm am living my dream and I must say It's truly a blessing. With that said it's only right that I put blessings back into the world. This is why I started the Program .

Our mission at "Be Great" is to provide a platform in which talented students who excel in academics can pursue their dreams of making it in the music industry. Would you like more info on this program?

Visiit www.Be-Great.Org for more info and be sure to "Like" on facebook as well

Thank you and #BEGREAT


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