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I've been hearing that a lot of you guys want to support me on this tour, but couldn’t or can't physically make it out to these cities to support. NO worries I have come up with a way in which you can still show your support, without having to travel to NY, ATL or LA.. While on the SMYK tour I decided to sell these special edition CD's to patrons who may not have stumbled upon my Hip Hop music or music from LAR, in hopes of making them fans . This CD has 11 of the most popular LAR releases, including my Hit singles "Say Goodbye" & "Only One" and until now was only available at the concert venues. Overall this is a great CD and we are selling it for $5.00. That’s right only $5.00. As you know we are a totally independently funded company and proceeds from these sales will go directly towards the Promotion and Mixing & Mastering of future releases.  To show our appreciation for your purchase I will also send a free copy of my next single "Money Maker" to everyone who purchases this CD.  Don't just watch be a part of the revolution. Thank You

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